Some things never change

Living room furniture layout

In this fast paced, high tech world we live in…everything is constantly changing…

In the blink of an eye…new technology changes the way we function in every aspect of our everyday lives.

But in the world of interior design…some things never change…

Form always follows function.

Interiors always need to reflect the client’s tastes and lifestyle.
And there is always a place for the old in the newest of interiors.

“Feel good” interiors, are spaces that invite people in and ask them to sit down.
Whether the walls are white or persimmon, the sofas modern or antique, the style craftsman or Italian…it simply doesn’t matter if the furniture in a room doesn’t provide a good conversation area. So many times I walk into a new client’s home and they tell me no one ever sits in the living room. Well who would want to, with two stiff loveseats facing each other, or furniture lined up against the wall, or a fireplace with nothing placed in front of it. A comfortable furniture layout is key to any successful interior.

Take a “functional” layout and dress it in any style you want…and it will feel good.

An interior that reflects the owner’s tastes, lifestyle, hobbies, and interests, is always an interior with purpose and character. Whether it is a kitchen filled with cookbooks, cutting boards, and Italian pottery, or a living room filled with collectibles from the owner’s travels, a family room with musical equipment and books, or a home office filled with ones career highlights and family photos. Feel good interiors are ones with a personal touch.

A mix of old and new always works.

And while interior design needs to adapt to new technologies, there should always be an appreciation for the old, the antique, the family heirloom, that special item that creates the continuum from generation to generation. It is OK to mix these items in with modern elements. That is what makes an eclectic, “feel good” interior.

Homes that invite people in to stay are ones where the kitchen smells like someone cooks there, the furniture is arranged to invite people in for conversation, and the personal touches reflect a life well lived…this will never change.