Designer Collections

Kay Heizman is the designer of The Trunk Collection and The Accessories Collection.

Trunk Collection

The Trunk Collection was launched to design the “Perfect Trunk” with its unique drop down panel creating easy access to what’s inside without having to remove anything from the top. Countless hours were spent working with local craftsmen and metal smiths to create the team that now manufactures these beautiful works of art. The trunks fit a full range of of interior ageyles, from a casual beach cottage or Spanish bungalow to a Mediterranean villa or contemporary residence.

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Accessories Collection

A collection of beaded tassels made of wood, bone, metal, and other gemstones from Africa, India, China, and the USA that once adorned the hardware on The Trunk Collection by Kay Heizman have developed into functional items for the home and you. By simply modifying the ring size and attachments on these decorative tassels Kay has created a collection of unique items including napkin rings, key chains, wine bottle charms, and more. To purchase any item, contact Kay Heizman by phone, fax, or e-mail at All major credit cards accepted.

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