Kay Heizman at client's home


Here are some quotes from satisfied customers:

“Kay Heizman is fabulous to work with! Her ideas transformed our smallish home (2012 square feet) into a functionally efficient and more spacious living space. I finally have everything I have ever wanted in our home! We are loving it!
“We did this entire project virtually (because of COVID) which in itself showed me how talented Kay is as a designer. Through my photos and videos she solved every single concern and fulfilled every wish we had.
“As an added plus, Kay is such a warm and kindhearted person. She will guide you and tell you what she really thinks because your project will be taken seriously, no matter how big or small it might be.
“She does it all…mansions to cottages to commercial corporate buildings. We give Kay our highest praise.”

“A few years back I found the perfect lot to build my dream house. Knowing exactly what I wanted, I managed the entire design process myself; from picking out the architect, ordering the floors, paint colors, kitchen cabinets, tiles, baseboards, etc. Kay Heizman lived in the neighborhood and one day suggested that she look at my blueprints and possibly make recommendations. I was completely confident everything was fine but, then I thought, ‘why not?’

“Well, luckily for me, Kay saved me from myself. I knew what I wanted, but I was also a first-time home builder. My architect had done what he could based on my input and what the space allowed. Yet, there were a few areas where the flow could have been vastly improved. And, Kay found these areas and corrected them…thank goodness!

“I often think back with gratitude that Kay suggested she look at my plans. And, I have told many people, who are confident as I once was that everything was thought out: Have Kay look at your plans for Space Planning. Even though as owners we so often know what we want, and architects now how to design to code, a good, experienced designer such as Kay can create flow, with just a little tweaking, that can provide years of ease and functionality to your home.”

Michele Powell Opheim, Aptos, California

“Kay helped us with the remodel of a rundown building, transforming it into a beautiful fitness center that is modern and comfortable She helped with space planning, color and tile selection, and the design of our lobby/reception area. Kay was organized and kept us all on task. Her ideas were on the mark with our original consultation and goals. She was adamant about sticking with our design concept, and the outcome was beautiful.”

Kathy Tucker/Seascape Fitness Studio, Aptos, California

“We built a 7,000 square foot house on the bluff in Aptos and it would never have come together without Kay’s help. She knew intuitively what we wanted and had the experience and resolve to help us complete the project.”

Joyce Assar, Aptos, California

“We enlisted the services of Kay Heizman Design to select wall colors, furnishings, bedding and accessories for our home. She was highly professional, was attuned to our needs and our budget, offered wonderfully creative ideas and solutions, and was a pleasure to work with.”

Evelyn Stein and Ed Kraukauer, Aptos, California

“Kay helped me with the design of my master bedroom. She is warm, friendly, and incredibly professional. She is conscientious, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable and organized. She is not intimidating, rather she listens and then leads. I’ve loved working with her.”

Dian Burke, Aptos, California

“We were looking for someone to design our second home on the beach in Rio Del Mar, and found Kay on her beautiful website. It has been a pleasure working with her.  She makes decision making almost relaxing – I know she understands what I want and she works hard to find it.  Her taste is spot on and the guidance she provides is invaluable.”

Suzanne Clarke, Oakland, California

“We found Kay through our realtor, Sally Bookman, while purchasing our second home in Capitola Village. We needed not only a designer to renovate the condo, but a project manager to supervise, as we live in Fresno. She did a fabulous job. I really appreciated her attentiveness on the project and the fact that she approached our property as if it were her own.”

Ron and Nairie Nieto, Fresno, California