Trunk Collection

The Trunk Collection

I am proud to introduce The Trunk Collection, our new product line recently launched after 15 years of design and development. It all started in 1994 when I was shopping for Asian style trunks to use as end tables for a client in San Francisco. Not only were most of the trunks the wrong size to function properly as an end table, but the fact that you had to take everything off of the top to access the inside made them impractical. That’s when I decided to design the “Perfect Trunk” with its unique drop down panel creating easy access to what’s inside without having to remove anything from the top.

Countless hours were spent working with local craftsmen and metal smiths to create the team that now manufactures these beautiful works of art.

What started out as two mahogany trunks with brass hardware for one client in San Francisco evolved into a product line, which now includes trunk end tables sized specifically for sofaside, bedside, and chairside in an array of beautiful finishes, decorative hardware, and one-of-a-kind beaded tassels.

And for those of you who love our storage concept but aren’t sure about the Asian motif, there is more to come. We currently have designs in the works that will fit into a variety of interiors, from a casual beach cottage or Spanish bungalow to a Mediterranean villa or contemporary residence. And we will even let YOU tell us how you want to finish your trunk. The options are limitless and the fun continues.

Natural Sawn Maple
Black Lacquer
Red Lacquer
Custom Finishes Available
Hardware Finishes:
Antique Brass
Satin Brass
Hardware Styles:
Round or Square Hasps
Trunk Dimensions (Including Stands)
Chairside: 18″w x 12″d x 22″h
Sofaside: 30″w x 18″d x 22″h
Sofaside/Bedside/Chairside: 18″w x 12″d x 22″h
Sofaside/Bedside: 30″w x 18″d x 26″h
Stands available in Iron or Wood
Beaded Tassels Optional

To purchase any item, or for more information on pricing and custom designs, please contact Kay Heizman. All major credit cards accepted.