Jewelry Collection

The Jewelry Collection

A collection of beaded tassels which once adorned The Trunk Collection by Kay Heizman have taken on a life of their own and developed into a line of wearable art. Kay now designs and makes a line of handsome pendants made out of interesting beads, gems, and metals with earrings that coordinate. The collection is grouped into color palettes ranging from turquoise and silver, black and silver, and lapis and silver, to browns, ambers, sage greens and whimsical black/white/multicolors appealing to a wide range of tastes.

The Black/Red/Gold/Silver Group

The Black/Red/Gold/Silver Group of pendant and earrings features round and oval beads of red and black dyed turquoise. The uniquely, patterned beads, reminiscent of granite or marble are surrounded by flat black spacers of wood and stone. The gold and silver accents in the textured metal beads give sparkle to an already handsome collection. The pendants are 4.25″  long and include black sateen cording, 40″ long. Prices range from $85.00-$95.00. Earrings come with both decorative posts and 14k gold earrwires. Prices range from $70.00- $80.00. Clip-ons are available upon request.

The Black/Silver/Rust Group

This ethnic group of silver/black/ and rust beads, consisting of three pendants and a variety of decorative single strand pierced earrings are stunning against any garment, especially black, white, or gray. The pendants are made with beads of Thai silver, lava, and red coral. They measure 4.25″ long and come with black sateen cording 40″ long. They are $85.00- $95.00. The pierced earrings of coral and silver come with decorative posts and earrwires and range from $60.00 – $70.00.

The Black/Silver Group

The Black/Silver Group features pendants and earrings of Thai silver beads in the shape of snails, dragonflies, seashells and more, mixed with black beads of lava, stone, wood, and glass. Textured silver plated pewter beads are integrated to add texture and interest. The classic black and silver goes with just about everything in the closet. Pendants are 4″ long and come with black sateen cording, 40″ long. Price: $95.00. Earring styles include decorative posts and earwires. Prices range from $65.00 – $85.00.

The Black/White/Multi Group

The Black/White Multi group featuring pendants and earrings is whimsical, colorful, modern, and ethnic all wrapped in one. It is by far a favorite in the line. Black and white contrasted with primary colors gives this collection a modern twist. The African and Indian beads add a touch of ethnicity, while the interesting combination of geometric shapes and brilliant colors create an element of whimsy. A great look with black or any primary color in your wardrobe. Pendants are 4.2″ long and include black sateen cording 40″ long. Price: $75.00. Earring styles include decorative posts and earwires. Prices range from $55.00-$75.00. Clip-ons are available in certain styles.

The Brown/Brown/Multi Group

The pendants and earrings in the Brown/Brown/Multi group are a feast of autumn colors sure to compliment the rich earth tones in your wardrobe. The beads include deep brown and apple green glass, dyed brown African cow bone, textured gold metal, tiger’s eye, and white coral spacers. Pendants are 4.25″ long and come with a 40″ long sateen cording in apple green or brown. Prices range from $75.00- $85.00. The pierced earrings offer both decorative 22k Gold Plated Pewter posts or 14karat gold earrwires. Prices range from $55.00 – $75.00. Clip-ons are available upon request.

Green/Gold/Multi Group

The Green/Gold/Multi group is casual but elegant. The pendants sporting dyed green turquoise, green and brown glass beads, and brass and gold textured beads, will sparkle against any of your earth tone garments. The tourmaline and gold metal earrings are simple, delicate, and sophisticated. Pendants are 4.25″ long and include sage green sateen cording, 40″ long. Price: $95.00. Earring styles include decorative posts and earwires. Clip-ons are available on certain styles. Prices range from $60.00- $70.00.

The Lapis Group

This rich group of Lapis jewelry consists of two styles of striking pendants and a variety of earrings. The faceted and unusual carving on the lapis beads makes them extremely unique. The combination of gold and silver metal beads mixed in with the lapis offers versatility with other silver and gold accessories in your wardrobe. The pendants are 4″ long and include sateen cording, 40″ long in royal blue or any color of your choice. Price: $95.00. The earrings include a variety of styles including decorative posts, earwires, and clip-ons. Prices range from $65.00- $85.00.

The Turquoise/Multi Group

The Turquoise/Multi Group is a carnival of color and sure to make you smile. Turquoise predominates, but shares the stage with glass, coral, and stone beads in red, orange, apple green, yellow and blue. The pendants sport large beads from India in turquoise and orange crackle finishes surrounded by yellow dyed turquoise spacers from China. Earrings are delicate in size and packed with punch. Gold textured metal beads add sparkle to this already shiny group. Pendants are 4″long and include your choice of Turquoise, apple green, orange or black sateen cording, 40″ long. Price: $75.00. Earring styles include 14K gold earwires, or decorative posts in gold and silver plated pewter. Prices range from: $50.00- $75.00. Clip-ons available in certain styles.

The Turquoise/Silver Group

This group of turquoise and silver jewelry consists of beautiful pendants and earrings made of Thai silver, turquoise, glass beads, and metal accents. A favorite among many, the colorful turquoise is beautiful all year round, as a contrast to black, white, or as a spot of color with lighter neutrals in your wardrobe. The pendants are 4″ long and come with your choice of black or turquoise sateen cording, 40″  long. Pendants range from $85.00 – $125.00. Earring styles include decorative posts, earwires, and clips. Prices range from $55.00- $85.00.

The White/White/Silver

This stunning collection includes pendants and earrings all in African hair pipe, white coral, and gold and silver metal accents. The neutral tones make this group especially versatile. Whether contrasting with black or blending with earth tones these items will compliment any item in your wardrobe and are a must have addition to your jewelry box. Pendants are 5″ long and include sateen cording in black or ivory, 40″ long. Price: $85.00 Earrings are 2″ long not including the posts and are available as clips or pierced earrings. Price: $65.00

To purchase any item, or for more information on pricing and custom designs, please contact Kay Heizman. All major credit cards accepted.