The Accessories Collection

The Accessories Collection

A collection of beaded tassels made of wood, bone, metal, and other gemstones from Africa, India, China, and the USA that once adorned the hardware on The Trunk Collection by Kay Heizman have developed into functional items for the home and you. By simply modifying the ring size and attachments on these decorative tassels Kay has created a collection of unique items including napkin rings, key chains, wine bottle charms and more.

The Key Chain/Purse Charm Group

Are you always looking for your keys? The Key Chain/Purse Charm Group by Kay Heizman Design is your solution. Colorful beaded tassels on key rings, attach to your purse with your choice of carabiner or bolt snap…making sure you never lose your keys again…And your purse will never have looked better. Color groups include Black/Orange Multi, Turquoise/Multi, Black/Multi, Brown/Multi, and Turquoise/Black/White. Prices: Key Chains $45 | Carabiners $3 | Bolt Snaps $4

The Napkin Ring Group

The beaded tassels that adorn the Trunk Collection by Kay Heizman Design now can adorn your tabletop as well. By simply changing the ring size, these colorful beaded treasures will hold a napkin and compliment an array of your favorite dishes and flatware. Beads include cow bone, glass, metal, silver, and wood and are finished off with sateen cording in complimentary colors. The color groups include, turquoise/multi, black/white multi, brown/multi, white/white silver, black/white zig zag, Black/White/Star Group, and black/white/red with smiling faces. Price: $35

The Wine Bottle Charm/ Napkin Ring Group

The Cork Wine Bottle Charm/Napkin Ring Group by Kay Heizman Design is a collection of “wine bottle charms” that also serve as “napkin rings” made with recycled corks from selected wineries, in a beaded tassel style. The “perfect party favor” for your guests at a V.I.P dinner or a wedding reception, they begin as a “napkin ring” to dress each place setting, then become the gift, “a wine bottle charm”, that each guest takes away as a memento of the event and the venue. Great “advertising” for the venue… great “gift” for the guests. Please call for prices.

To purchase any item, or for more information on pricing and custom designs, please contact Kay Heizman. All major credit cards accepted.