Finish Selections

Kay Heizman custom tile design

Finish Selection

Finish Selections

Are you beginning a remodel or new construction project and finding that it is not easy to coordinate all your finish selections? Did you think selecting doors, windows, tiles, countertop materials, plumbing fixtures, and paint colors was going to be an easy task and suddenly it’s not? Your contractor tells you that he needed the tub selected yesterday but you don’t know which style, color, or size to choose? You thought you wanted your walls painted red, until the painter applied the first coat…and now you are not so sure?

Kay Heizman Design makes the “finish selection” process a little easier. By starting with a preliminary design concept and “itemized punchlist” we will have a basic framework with which to start. We assist you in choosing window and door styles, countertop and flooring materials, and plumbing and light fixtures to keep your design direction on track and your team on task. We help you with online and in-person shopping trips to select any or all finish materials. If you are considering “automated” window treatments, we present you with product options early in the process, so that the appropriate wiring can be installed during the framing stages of construction. We not only help you select paint colors and request brush-outs of all colors, but can be onsite when the painter begins the job, making sure the colors meet with your approval. We’re as hands-on as you need to help you pull together all your materials to create a consistent overall design.

Color Consultation

It’s hard to imagine what a whole wall will look like from a small paint chip. Have you been back and forth to the paint store so many times that you now have a collection of paint cans in your garage? You are not alone…selecting paint colors can be a challenging experience.

Kay Heizman Design makes the process more efficient and enjoyable. We use a color key system that enablesyou to immediately zero in on a color palette which corresponds to larger paint chips. Once we select the palette, we suggest 8″ x 10″ brush outs of the actual paint to be used from the manufacturer of your choice. We then view these samples in each room. This system streamlines the process, eliminating unnecessary trips to the paint store, and results in the perfect backdrop for your taste and lifestyle.

Cabinetry Selection

Are you trying to make decisions regarding cabinetry selections for your project? Trying to select a custom cabinet shop? Working with a kitchen and bath showroom, but need a design professional to help you coordinate your finishes?

Kay Heizman Design provides services as a designer, consultant, and facilitator for all your cabinetry needs. We design cabinetry layouts, select styles, finishes, and hardware for all custom cabinetry. We can recommend custom cabinet shops and provide your custom cabinet fabricator with schematic designs and drawings for all areas of your project including kitchens, bathrooms, home offices or any built-in storage. If you prefer working with a kitchen and bath showroom, we are happy to act as a consultant helping you make finish selections for your cabinetry that will work with the rest of your project.

Custom Tile Design

Custom tile designs are often the focal point of many kitchens, bathrooms, entry halls and terraces. However, picking the materials, selecting the patterns, and coordinating the designs with the entire project can be a daunting task. Do you need help with any or all of the above?

Kay Heizman Design specializes in custom tile designs ranging from colorful and contemporary works of art to those that integrate classic Mediterranean and Spanish tile. We assist you in selecting styles and materials that work with your design theme whether glass, stone, marble or ceramic. Creating interesting and unique designs, we render them into colorful scaled drawings for floors, walls, and countertops. These drawings have two important purposes. First to capture your eye and, second, to provide the tile fabricators and installers with a blueprint to follow during bidding and installation.