Onsite Supervision

Kay Heizman supervising at a project site

Onsite Supervision and Installation


Is your design project located in one area and you live in another? Are you unable to get to your site on a daily basis to answer questions and oversee work being performed by others? Would you just feel more comfortable having a design professional at your side to make important decisions at the job site as they arise?

Kay Heizman Design provides on-site supervision to keep your project moving along in a timely manner, saving you time and money. We are there to answer any questions that arise on-site during the course of your project. We work as a team with you, your general contractor, architect, or building designer to make sure all your designs are being executed properly and that work being performed by all subcontractors meets with your approval.


Your construction project is nearing completion and it’s time to install your furnishings, window treatments, artwork, decorative mirrors, plants and accessories. Do you need help coordinating this stage of the project?

Kay Heizman Design coordinates and supervises the installation of all interior furnishings. We work directly with a decorator’s delivery service arranging for the pick up and installation of all your valuable items. We are on site to supervise the placement and installation of your furniture, window treatments, artwork, plants, and accessories. And for artwork and decorative mirrors that require special installation techniques, we coordinate with professionals to handle your requests. We know how long you have been waiting to complete the project and now is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let us help you celebrate the grand finale.